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What is the average speed of a speedboat?


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Generally, the speed of a speedboat can reach 40-60 knots.

For ease of understanding. It is necessary to convert the units: for land vehicles, air planes, and river ships, the speed measurement unit is mostly kilometers (kilometers) per hour, while the speed unit for sea ships (including warships) is called "knots".

One knot = 1 nautical mile/hour.

One nautical mile = 1.852 kilometers.

Therefore, the speed of a general speedboat is equivalent to 74-111 km/h.

Information introduction

The tonnage of the speedboat is small, the speed is high, the maneuverability is flexible, the displacement is usually tens to hundreds of tons, the sailing speed is 30 to 40 knots, some can reach 50 knots, and the endurance is 500-3000 nautical miles. The boats are equipped with weapons, and some speedboats are also equipped with 20 to 76 mm caliber naval guns. The speedboats with larger tonnage may also contain mines and depth charges. The matching sensing systems include search, detection, weapon control, communication and navigation, electronic warfare, etc.

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